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SUPPORT THIS PROJECT: Land acquisition in Eastern Cordillera Real, the montane forests of Ecuador

In 2022, Amphibian and Reptile Trust International helped the World Land Trust with a project in the Eastern Cordillera Real, in the montane forests of Ecuador (map). This included land acquisition, managed by local partner Fundacion EcoMinga, to complete a corridor between the Rio Machay Reserve and Llanganates and Sangay National Parks.

This area of Ecuador is known for the high diversity of amphibians, including several species new to science. One such new frog is Pristimantis purocafeum discovered by Lou Jost of EcoMinga. The forests are also home to a wide variety of bird life and mammals such as: spectacled bear, mountain tapir, neotropical otter, puma, and several species of monkeys.


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