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Other Giving Options


Make a donation on-line

Make a donation by check
Print out the attached form and mail 

  • For your gift of $25 or more you will get a special art notecard featuring the photography of Patrick Zephyr.
  • With a gift of $100 or more you will receive three special art notecards.

Monthly giving
Help sustain our work by making a monthly contribution. It is easy and makes a real difference. Your monthly gift of $5, $10, or $25 adds up.

Make a lasting legacy

Giving Societies

Donor Advised Funds
Donor Advised Funds are becoming a popular charitable giving option allowing donors to make contributions, receive an immediate tax deduction and recommend charitable gifts from the fund over time. Take advantage of these benefits and select the Amphibian and Reptile Trust International as the recipient of annual gifts. 

Gifts of Stock or Other Securities 

Stocks, bonds and other securities are a great way to support a charity, such as ARTI. Contact us for more information on how to provide your broker with the information they need to make the transfer. You can avoid paying capital gains tax on appreciated securities while receiving an income tax deduction for the donation. 

Planned Giving

Leave a lasting gift in your will or trust. Suggested language includes the following:

I bequeath ________ (dollar amount or % of estate) to the Amphibian and Reptile Trust International, Inc., a nonprofit organization, with its principal offices located at 30 Allen Street, Gardner, MA 01440 (mailing address: PO Box 557, Gardner, MA 01440), for its ongoing efforts to protect the habitat of amphibian and reptile populations. Our FEIN is 84-4959638.  

Let us know if you are leaving a planned gift to ARTI. Contact Andrew Mackie at We would like to thank you and understand how we can honor your wishes related to your gift. All conversations remain confidential and without obligation. 

IRA Charitable Distributions 

Make a qualified charitable distribution (IRA charitable rollover) to the ARTI. If you are 70 ½ years old or older, you can make an annual IRA distribution to ARTI without having to pay income tax on the distribution (up to a maximum of $100,000). In addition to supporting ARTI, you benefit because the distribution is not counted as income and is not taxed. Ask your financial planner for additional information. 

Gifts of Real Estate

A gift of real estate can be a great way to support ARTI’s work. Gifts of non-conservation lands are intended to be sold after the donation raising funds for our land protection projects. Real estate can be residential, commercial or vacant land. Any donation needs to be approved by ARTI to make sure we can easily sell the property. Donating the property can be a great way of avoiding capital gains tax on appreciated real estate. 

Gifts of Personal Property 

You can make a large impact for conservation by donating you antiques, artwork or other valuables to ARTI for the sale of these items benefiting our land protection projects. As with real estate, and any noncash donations, the IRS requires an appraisal for any deduction over $5,000. 

Life Insurance and Retirement Programs 

Make ARTI a beneficiary on your life insurance policy, 401(k), 403(b), Keogh plan, IRA, or other qualified pension or insurance plans. By leaving a gift after your death, you will create a lasting legacy for life on this planet. Check with your financial planner or attorney for how this might help with your estate planning needs. 

Employer Matching Programs

Many corporations will match employee donations. Check with your company about matching requirements. If additional information is needed please have your company email

Person to Person Fundraising 

Use you social media page, web page or old-fashioned pen and paper to start your own fundraising effort to help the Amphibian and Reptile Trust International protect biodiversity around the world. 

Celebrate this support by requesting donations to ARTI instead of gifts. You raise money for ARTI by creating a goal and seeking sponsorships; this could be hiking, biking, or kayaking a certain distance. Use your imagination! Also, use milestones in your life to support amphibian and reptile conservation, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. Finally, have gifts made in honor or in memory of that special person in your life. 

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